Life is a Cage

Life is a Cage

This world wants you to play it safe, avoid risk and never have too much fun. Those who buy a Jeep reject the very notion of a boring and safe life. For life in a Jeep is never boring.

I struggled to explain to my son why I bought a 1998 Jeep Wrangler when we already owned a more conventional car. Is it fast? No. Is it comfy? No. Why’d you buy it? You’ll understand when we take the doors off next Spring. That first time we drove down a winding country road and he stuck his hand out like a dolphin, I knew he understood.

There’s a great sense of freedom that comes when you’re riding in a Jeep. Where other cars seek to keep you warm and comfortable like a womb, a Jeep will expose you to the elements because it recognizes your resilience and appreciation for the outside world. Windows? Just toss them off. It’s a nice day. Doors? Those are for Winter. A roof over your head? How will you soak up that Vitamin D with that in the way?!

I happened to have been blessed with a Jeep that doesn’t have Air Conditioning. But did this deter me from making a rather sizable financial decision? Of course not! I simply take off the windows or doors and use God’s Air Conditioning. You’re welcome environment!

No other car community is so innately tightly nit than Jeep’s community. I knew of this but found out first hand one fall day as the radio began fading in and out. Probably the alternator, I thought. I headed towards the nearest mechanic shop and hoped for the best. The Jeep began to die about 25 feet short of the mechanic shop.

I’m grateful I don’t have to push it too far. I’m even more grateful when another Jeep stops as he sees me slowly pushing it into the parking lot. The driver and his son immediately hop out to assist me in pushing my white soft top into the parking lot of the repair shop. I’m even more grateful that they offer to drive me home and refuse my money. The Jeep community is truly something special.

What other car community systematically waves at each other to acknowledge each other’s awesome life choices? The Jeep Wave is a truly special sense of community in a world growing socially distance. The roads need more Jeeps. It would be a much happier, albeit slower place.

The Jeep Lifestyle is one of ruggedness. It’s meant for those who are comfortable getting a little mud on the tires. For those who get a few scratches and paint chips on their ride for life is meant to be ridden hard.

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”

-        Hunter S. Thompson

You always have a choice. There’s the safe road that’s paved and familiar. It’s heavily trafficked with others who follow the paths of those who came before them. Then there’s the dirt road, or trail, or no trail at all that is less well known. Harder to find and even harder to traverse, but all the more gratifying.

Don’t be afraid to be outspoken; be afraid of spending your whole life taking the safe route only to lay on your deathbed wondering what if I was brave enough to be myself?


You’ll find others who are still stuck in their cage, will attempt to bring you back. Its dangerous out there! I heard those things aren’t safe. No one who ever did anything special or memorable did so by playing it safe. When you start making unconventional choices, it makes them self-conscious of their own safe routes. It makes them envious of your boldness.


Life is a Cage. And a Jeep is the ride for those who’ve found the key.


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How You Can Relax and Lower Your Stress

You're spending too much time on Social Media and it's affecting your mood, energy and happiness.

Now, I refuse to ever talk about stuff unless I've already lived it, so this comes after the break I took last month. You likely noticed I tweeted very little. And I didnt write emails or blog posts either.

It was refreshing.

You likely spend every day on Social Media. You might even obsess over it. You lust after the lives of your friends. You fear you’re missing out. It can consume you.

Now if you follow the right accounts, Social Media can benefit your life, but even the perfect following can still have negative affects if you let it become an addiction. So I took the month off. I was busy traveling and seeing old friends so it made for an easy way to ignore social media.


When is the last time you did this? Have you ever done this? Could you ever do this?

You don't have to take a month off, but you should consider set times where you intentionally stay off social media. Maybe even leave your phone away for awhile. I try to spend half my Saturday or my Sunday completely off my phone. Sometimes both days. The online world will still be there when you get back. And it will likely have missed you… maybe.

It's a good reminder that whatever happens online isn't half as important as you think. FOMO gets a lot of people hooked like junkies.

Take the time to go out and live your own life. Get some sunshine. Go for a walk. Check out your local small businesses and stroll through downtown. And most importantly, take that Jeep out and go spend some time in the mud, or rocks or just cruising down a winding road.

Don't forget to live your life.

What is The Jeep Wave?

The History of the Jeep Wave 

In the days of texting and snapchat, the ultimate form of connecting with like-minded people is the Jeep Wave. So, what is the Jeep wave? It is the acknowledgment that you and a fellow road (or trail) rider have made the excellent decision to buy a car that may not be the fastest, but it sure is the funnest.

When you own a Jeep Wrangler it means you can travel anywhere, go for great adventure rides and wave to other Jeep riders. The famous Jeep wave is a very common courtesy among the riders which shows mutual respect for fellow jeep riders. This particular gesture signifies the realization of true capabilities of Jeeps.

The basic idea is jeep riders like to acknowledge that they drive a vehicle that is unique and unmatched by other rides. But have you ever wondered, where this gesture started from?

The jeep wave actually has a rich history

The World War II history behind the Jeep Wave  During the period of World War II Jeep was often used as a common medium of transport among army generals and soldiers. For any kind of vital army activities like delivering messages, delivering vital supplies, carry wounded soldiers and rescue operations, jeeps were used. Many theories state that this was the time when jeep wave started.

The jeep wave began as a way to greet your fellow brother in arms from the same regiment or acknowledge an officer with a salute. This gesture was also meant to spot disguised enemies. The other reason behind the jeep wave can be a symbol encouraging and respecting other soldiers from another jeep passing by in this dark period of our history.

Some people say that the jeep wave began post World War II when the soldiers were returning home. At the time of war, Jeep had been a main medium of transport and it was so popular among the soldiers that they wanted to own a Jeep for themselves. While returning home, Jeep riders used to wave at each other showing a gesture of brotherhood and that they both have served for the nation.  

The modern theory of the Jeep Wave  

In the modern times, people have come up with another reason of Jeep Wave. Some people claimed that the jeep wave only began when civilians started owning jeeps and taking them for an adventurous ride.

Owning and riding a jeep is not just a mere thing. Owning jeep shows a sense of unbridled freedom, ruggedness, taste and the general desire to own this superior unique vehicle. The modern theory of Jeep waves states that it's a way of sharing fun and excitement with your co-riders. It's a way of acknowledging the fellow rider as he/she too is tackling those challenging obstacles and trails while riding the vehicle.

The jeep wave acknowledges the shared understanding and appreciation the vehicle's capabilities and the enjoyment of ownership that it brings.   Whatever might be the actual reason behind the jeep wave, this traditional has become a key rule for riding a Jeep Wrangler. Till today whenever a Jeep rider sees another Jeep Wrangler passing by, he/she waves at the other rider passing by. So, the next time you drive a Jeep Wrangler don't forget to wave at your fellow Jeep Wrangler rider on the road.

In a day where humanity has become inundated with technology and social media, is there a greater from of connection than waving to a fellow Jeep driver?

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Why Should You Buy a 1998 Jeep Wrangler

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